Human Resources

Recruitment Process

Thanks to our comtemporary practices and strategic human resources planning, we evaluate employees with high levels of competence in the right positions, train them continuously and increase the knowledge and skill levels of our employees.

Being aware of the fact that achieving our goals will be achieved through the development of our human resources, we have shaped our current and future plans with the understanding of target setting, continuous education, evaluation, transparency and participatory.

In this context, the common competencies determined for our colleagues are

  • Adaptation to teamwork,
  • Having communication skills,
  • Creativity,
  • Participation,
  • Ability to use initiative,
  • Being courageous,
  • Being open to innovation and changes,
  • Customer focus,
  • Motivating themselves and his teammates,
  • Ability to make effective and quick decisions by identifying critical priorities,

During the recruitment process, in our company,

  • All candidates are evaluated under equal and fair conditions.
  • In selecting the most suitable person for the position, the candidate's suitability to the company’s culture is considered as an important criterion as well as experience and competence.
  • All job applications are evaluated, although not directly for a specific position,

For open positions in our company, you can take a look at our website on

Internal Advertisement System

At Kaplam A.Ş., priority is given to our employees for vacancies that require more than 2 years of experience. Announcing the vacant positions to the employees and prioritizing the applications made within the company offers our employees the opportunity to play an active role in their own careers and to guide their career development.

Internship application

As Kaplam A.Ş., we offer internship opportunities to young people within our company. Students who do internships in Kaplam A.Ş.; have the chance to get to know our company and its culture and to turn their academic knowledge into practice.

In line with the needs of the departments, summer and winter term students and vocational high school internship candidates are evaluated and placed. While directing students to the units, the department of education and internship programs are taken into consideration.

You can send your internship application forms to us by sending an e-mail to